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Fresh Ingredients, Handcrafted Recipes,
Perfectly Portioned

We deliver to the Central Valley and Bay Area!

Fresh Ingredients

At GoFresh, we only use fresh, locally grown, seasonal produce that is hand-selected by our culinary team. We use only the leanest meats and the best herbs and spices to create each meal. All our products are free of any antibiotics or hormones. How and where our food is grown is important to us because we know that making healthy and nutritious food choices is important for your family. Sourcing our food locally allows us to focus on what is important: Our customers, our environment and our community.

Handcrafted Recipes

Our chefs spend countless hours handcrafting custom recipes to allow you to select from over 30 menu items every month. Our team focuses on creating innovative recipes packed with amazing flavor and balanced nutrition.

Perfectly Portioned

Every meal that leaves our kitchen is hand-weighed, perfectly portioned and packaged in a BPA Free container to make sure all food portions are exact and meet all our macronutrient and environmentally friendly standards. We work with all our vendors to get accurate product information to provide you with a complete list of nutritional facts for each meal. Our goal is to ensure you not only receive amazing food, but know exactly what each plate contains.

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