Balanced healthy meals for active people. Healthy eating has never tasted so good or been so easy before now!

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Our mission is to make food that is not only healthy for you but convenient and easy. The biggest reason people struggle with their health goals is because of a lack of time. With no time in their schedule to shop, cook and prepare all these meals, how is healthy eating possible? Thanks to our team, we help make this process a breeze and deliver your meals to your doorstep.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, just like food, and we strive to create fantastic food that is packed with flavor and is beneficial for your body and life. Our mission is to make healthy eating easy! Join the GoFresh Community today and take back your time and health.

Get To Know Our Team

Our team is always focused on Providing WOW Service and developing our team and the communities we serve. Our leadership developed our core commitments, and they embodied the mission we are on and who we are as a company.


WOW service

Our goal is to provide the best service from the website you order on to how you receive your meals delivered to you or when you walk into one of our stores. We want every customer to leave saying WOW, that service was amazing! We don't just offer great service, we offer WOW service.

Food is fuel

We know food is fuel, and we believe the quality of the ingredients determines the quality of the fuel. Our food is not only fuel for your body but for your life and is the perfect option to help fuel you through your week.

Health is wealth

The best investment you can make is into your own health! We are given one body and one life to live, and we believe that the quality of life you live is directly correlated to your health.

Bring your best everyday

Growth in health, fitness, or any area of your life requires one main thing, bringing your best every day! We can't fix yesterday, but we can win today and get the momentum of growth in your life.

Strive for growth

We believe growth is essential for a business or a community to thrive. We are always focused on hosting seminars, hosting guest speakers on our IG Live or the community we are building inside of our Facebook Group.

Always give back

We are not just a business in the community, we are a part of the community, and we are focused on giving back to our local communities.

Billy Anderson

President & Co-Founder

Naomi Tostado


Ismael Flores

CEO & Partner