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We love being different and we are looking for people who think outside the box.


Our goal at GoFresh goal is to provide the highest quality gourmet prepared meals delivered fresh to our customers home fridge. This is an amazing opportunity to join one of the fastest growing food services company’s in northern California. We love being different then most and we are looking for people who think outside the box. We provide amazing food to our people through tech and through amazing service and the result is we truly help people. Do rewarding work, knowing that you’re helping people get healthy food on their fork. Do it in a fun, relaxed environment—one that’s full of tasty foods just waiting for you join!

Our number one focus is helping foster amazing people that provide the best quality products and service. You will never find a company more driven to help employees grow with the company and also grow in their personal life. We believe in helping build a better world and the first step is building an amazing team.



Our 10 Core commitments were created for our company and team to exemplify their lives in a manner that best represents what we believe in. We strive to lead by example and show people the GoFresh way of thinking and pass on our way of life to our customers!


Our Five Core Commitments 

1. Deliver WOW through service

2. Live healthy, be healthy & teach healthy

3. Build a culture based on positivity & creativity

4. Communicate creativity

5. Chase growth, learning & health

6. Be passionate, bold and determined

7. Be Humble

8. Strive to give back

9. Quality of products always comes before the quality of reward

10. Lead by example

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